Kickstarters – danger, beware.

I will admit that I have dabbled in a few KickStarter projects. I’ve benefited from several successful creators who worked diligently to provide what was promised. I’ve had others who ended up delivering all or most of what was promised eventually, once some technical issues were overcome. But – I’ve had enough go off tangent – complete failures by the creators – to generally view KS projects now with reservation.

Which in itself is a shame. In theory it has excellent potential to encourage new production of clever ideas. Sadly, many of the KS projects are structured badly or run really poorly, so that a project successfully hitting target soon ends up promising way more than can be practically delivered. And that also creates ‘time-lag’ in finally delivering the goods.

I also wish that the Admin at KS did more to enforce good behaviour of creators and the proper resolution of projects, instead of just taking their slice off the top and shrugging off complaints from backers. That’s the real let down, and a reason why I think future creators should look around for other crowd-funding sites that offer far better support for all participants.

So now I’m the one left shrugging when I see some great design work supported by energetic and enthusiastic discussions, only to see it wrapped up with the phrase “So once it’s on KickStarter…” – as that’s the point my own enthusiasm to support and help instantly flatlines. It’s a shame because there seems to be a perception now that success will only come via a KickStarter campaign. And that saddens me.


Author: taggb

UK-based, gaming and writing, and generally aiming to get back to being more creative.

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