And now some writing I prepared earlier.

Three years ago I had started a blog, solely for putting up my writing, challenging myself to write 365 words (at least) for every one of the 365 days of that following year. I did well, all things considering, an entry every day throughout all of January. And then the major life change of moving home stalled all of that.

But I saved that writing in order to provide me a vault of completed mini-works, and now that I’ve started this anew, I’ll plunder it and re-publish some of it here. It motivates me and reminds me of what I was able to create back then. With any luck, it will give me renewed impetus to create new work.




Bane of my life. In the workplace, whenever I want to access media, post anything, read anything, ask anything. And it’s all exactly the same at home too.

And of course, you can’t use just the one, because then you leave yourself vulnerable. And you have to renew them occasionally too, refresh the construct and the format, and don’t pick obvious stuff.

At work, I now meander along a security pathway of tedium, filling in passwords when prompted, clicking ‘OK’ dialogue buttons and always having to negotiate all the additional safety filters.

Do you accept the terms of operating guidelines?

Will you abide by the working practice standards?

You’re not going to be naughty, are you?

As you slowly navigate the layer after layer of text preamble and coloured formatting, you do begin to lose hope. Will I ever get to the end of this ‘logging-in’ process, just so I can do my work that I get paid for?

Aah, what’s this? A new one, a ‘have-you-completed-mandatory-security-training’ prompter. I thought this was exactly that?

I needed to re-arrange a parcel delivery today and the password process was completely busted on that. You’re often left wondering how certain companies ever stay in business, how is it that with such appalling IT, they manage to maintain a market presence.

I should be able to track it, see it winding along country roads and motorways towards me. But of course I can’t. Even with my new password. System has a problem at the moment.

I then e-mail the complaints department and they give me a reference – totally different to the reference for the parcel itself – and a password to log back in with later. I give it a few hours and try it – reference number isn’t recognised. So I wait until several hours – the entire working day in fact – has passed and try again. Reference number has now been tapped in by some unknown person but the password – their password they gave me – doesn’t work.

With a great sigh, I shrug back into my chair and stare at the screen, a harmless and useless cursor line winking on and off at me, awaiting further commands from my fingertips.

And I daydream of chopping firewood, filtering water, skinning animals for food, making cooking stoves from discarded drink cans, and the long-awaited Apocalypse whereupon I can sit atop my fortified hermitage and who so ever fails to use the proper password as they approach me, I can then shoot them.



Author: taggb

UK-based, gaming and writing, and generally aiming to get back to being more creative.

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