Another book collection getting larger

I had posted here before about the Arnhem/Paras/WW2 mini-library I had amassed over the past 10 years. Well I have another collection that has been steadily growing larger and for longer than 10 years as well.

It was only recently I noticed a few Anglo-Zulu War books were popping up on For Sale threads on the usual forums, FB groups and online auction sites, and I started to see a few titles I wasn’t familiar with. Or some titles I wasn’t sure whether I had or not. And that got me thinking – maybe it’s time to do a library list for them too.

It can sometimes come as a surprise to find a title I own that I’m fondly familiar with, after reading them at least twice or more, that has sneakily become a ‘must-have’ collectors item for someone else.

My fascination with this particular episode of Empire didn’t just come from films like ‘Zulu‘ and ‘Zulu Dawn‘ – though it would be churlish to say there was no influence from them at all. But, I do remember an all too brief visit to a National Army Museum exhibition when I was still of schooling age, where I read information panels on certain exhibit items, and wondered what it must have been like to join the Army to flee London poverty to eventually end up in Natal – thousands of miles away in a completely different climate. Like the Sudan campaigns, especially the Gordon Relief attempts in 1884 & 1885, the hook is securely snagged and will likely never leave me.

So I’ve notched up another task on the ‘To-Do‘ list. That spare time I’ll have soon is starting to get booked up.



Author: taggb

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