Workstuff – one week & counting

It’s quite a peculiar situation to be in. I’ve completed over twenty years of service with my employer. Well, not my original and much preferred employer, but with the entity it was morphed into, when someone made a particular decision to conduct a merger, without ever really examining the facts. Proper impact analysis & assessment for decision-making. It never really happened. If only.

Anyway – reminder to self “no politics” – I’ve also completed fifteen years in the work area I still really enjoy, and I guess I’ve been quite fortunate in that. I had gone for promotion several times during that period, but never been lucky – or blood-related/partnered enough – to succeed there, but no matter, I’ve still enjoyed my role.

But, in a week’s time my employer will send me details of my ‘redundancy package’. I’m being made redundant because they have decided to close my current office for good, and because they have already closed other places nearby, under their ‘travel’ rules I have nowhere else to go too. And even if I did, it is to be entirely expected that the role I still have was going to relocate back to inside the M25-Ring anyway. A double-downer if you like.

Honestly, it has taken fifteen months to get to this stage, that by now I can admit to being a little ‘played-out’ or instead, just simply tired of it all. I have to cling to the hope that my employer has done the right calculations, but I’m expecting I’ll have to triple-check and challenge what’s sent to me. I anticipate that I will have to inform them of various errors and provide the necessary corrections. Like I’ve had too several times already during these past fifteen months. And all the time, in the back of your head, you cannot help but think “And you’re getting rid of me, and not these people who’ve made such a complete ricket of this?

But, luckily I am reminded of what’s been said often from several good friends during this ‘limbo’ time, with me waiting for decisions from people who’ve not once asked me what I do, who probably cannot read maps, and have no appreciation of the loyalty, knowledge and the experience of me and my work colleagues.

Why stay?

Why indeed. If there’s an escape route, take it. Just one more week to find out.



Author: taggb

UK-based, gaming and writing, and generally aiming to get back to being more creative.

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