And so it came to pass

Workstuff again. But in a good way. Honestly.

I received my anticipated email today, from HR, that I was officially redundant and was now starting my 3-month notice period.

It’s quite fitting, as while I end a chapter of my life that’s taken up the last twenty or more years, it is a good thing. For the past sixteen months there’s been a lack of foresight, zero planning and irritating indecision by my employer. I’ve never really rated them since 2005, but this last year has dismissed any last pangs of conscience I might still have had.

I was asked recently by some staff support people if I feared the ‘loss-of-identity’. I lost that back in the merger and the years after, as my work domain was increasingly ignored and sidelined. So no worries there.

I was also asked if I feared the ‘loss-of-purpose’. Again, that’s been steadily eroded this past decade, from the culture of ‘change-for-changes-sake’ that my employer has immersed us all in. Indeed, ‘Change‘ is the one single true ‘constant’ we can expect from them.  Don’t get me wrong, I like what I do, and I like what I can achieve, but when your employer sets all manner of hurdles and obstacles in your way to prevent you delivering your best, what’s the point of shouting into the wind? So no, I will re-acquire my ‘purpose’ in life when I leave.

To see an end in sight is frankly, a blessed relief. To then have the freedom to do what I want, for my own needs and to structure my day how I want, I’m looking forward to that. Most of all, I’m really keen to get on with the ‘brain-dump‘ – the dismissal of all the work processes you contend with day-in, day-out, that actually add nothing of worth or value to what you actually do. The ridiculous ‘mandatory management assurance checks’, the log-in processes, the procedural constraints that immerse you in a fug of suppressing dullness. I can mentally junk all of that.

I can’t wait. Really. It will be great to be shot of all that nonsense.



Author: taggb

UK-based, gaming and writing, and generally aiming to get back to being more creative.

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