Post Brew-Up report

So, not the numbers first thought, but still a good gaming weekend.

Dragon Rampant‘ played a few times and quite welcomed, and may well lead to some dusting off of overlooked fantasy armies from a decade back. It helped that we had a good spreadsheet handy from the FB group, that sped up the tinkering necessary when designing the Warbands. And the game plays well, it is easy to pick-up and learn, and it was also quite refreshing to have some simplistic game mechanics. No movement or formation change complications, and we even saw the point of the 3″ adjacency rule too. I’m aware that if I want to solo more game sessions of DR, I really need to work on some opposition to my Border Reiver force.

Other games – keeping it simple and relaxing, there were two games of ‘Ticket To Ride‘, using the Europe game and then the Asia mapboard.

Then three games of the basic ‘Pandemic‘ game for some co-operative play too.

I also got ‘Ogre‘ to the tabletop, just playing a simple tournament style game using the first scenario – the MkIII attack on the CP – but it always serves as a great intro to the games format. It was well received and proved to be quite a test, with a hodge-podge of Light GEVs, Light Tanks, Heavy Tanks and Missile Tanks, with the 20 points of Infantry, trying to batter the Ogre as it trundled up the Central Zone. And I was left with the idea of doing more with it – again for solo play – especially as I can set-up and demo some sample games using the counters of our S&TO countersheet. That’s another ‘work-in-progress‘ idea to plan for the near future.

Last item to hit the table was the card game ‘Condottiere‘, with the latest version that introduces the Favour of the Pope, Courtesans and Spring cards. It does play distinctly differently from the earlier version of the game, but that just adds to the charm of such a simple fun game and the potential that could be had with it. And that includes my campaign game idea, incorporating it with the ‘Machiavelli‘ board.

Finally, the DoMA was at least suitably premiered with the DR wargaming sessions. There now exists the ability to set something up and take time playing it, leaving it there to return too. Plenty of Messing About potential for the future.



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