After the Autumn Purge, comes the Spring Clean

Back in the Autumn, I decided to finally dispose of some games I no longer wanted to keep. Quite ruthless for me, I normally hold on to my acquisitions. But I had a rare day of honest rationalization and realised that some were never going to get the attention they deserved. So I had some noteworthy successes from that Purge, being surprised by what some were worth. That included sales – so cash for other projects – and some good trades too.

After the Brew-Up weekend, and when packing away the items we used, I again realised there were a few more items I could part with, for various reasons.

I include in that the ‘World At War‘ games I have from LNL, steadily collected throughout 2014. The brand is being re-designed and will shift away from the originals I have. And sadly, there’s no backward-compatibility. That’s a tad disappointing as ‘W@W‘ is good for a hypothetical 80’s NATO vs WarPac setting, but I don’t see the point in retaining so much stuff that won’t get the support it deserves. So I’d rather see it all relocate to someone who wants to remain ‘old-school’ and I’d be glad to see them benefit from my decision.

Then there’s the ‘Supremacy‘ stuff – again a game I wanted to like and enjoy, but it’s just too much work to maybe get something decent out of it after all that effort. I’d much rather put that effort into something else.

A few games have gone up on EBay already, and some others have been offered up for trades with folks who have them listed on their ‘wishlists’. ¬†And it’s interesting how, once I’m in the right frame of mind, I don’t hold back too much from deciding what to dispose of. One idea I have had is to check the ‘Zombies!‘ games and add-ons I’ve got stashed away. There’s a lot of it, and in those little boxes I am sure I have duplicate mapboards, and potentially quite a few of them. I won’t want duplicates myself, so I’m entertaining the idea of putting those spares up for disposal as well.

I’m sure there’s more to consider letting go, but I’ll see how this current batch works out.



Author: taggb

UK-based, gaming and writing, and generally aiming to get back to being more creative.

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