Not necessarily what was planned

A weekend with a lot of sleep. I don’t suffer from migraines, but I’ve had three days of on-and-off intense headaches and generally feeling like crap, so I hit the pit, tried to do some reading, and even failed at that. In summary, not a lot done but a decision made: time to seriously lose weight and get fitter. For the first time ever it’s going to be calorie counting, to see if that provides a suitable method to follow.

On a more positive note, several sales and trades have been concluded on items I’ve been keen to move on. I’ve caught up today on a lot of email traffic I had let lag behind the usual clearance schedule. And I’ve re-visited the ‘Ogre’ stuff as I said I would. Included within that is the dispatch of two ST&O sheets to an individual in the US, who I’ve been happy to send as reward for his excellent work. His creativity has been inspiring, and I like the way he approaches the game. I hope that in return for my gifts, we can perhaps work together to generate some specific bits, especially for the GEV-MCP counters.

The BGG entry was updated successfully with a web-link from another excellent contributor, for some well-deserved recognition hopefully. And all of that is steering me to get the stuff out of the trug and onto the tabletop. Sort out some trial runs of the counters, mix in some forces, and take some pictures. Then, reproduce with some themed narrative, to showcase what the counters can add to the game. Being honest, it’s long overdue, but even with the foggy mind, I’m in a better ‘place‘ to get on with this now.

As for DR, I’ve discovered a whole batch of  Gondor Warriors and Norman Foot that I can get on and work with, for some finishing touches, to expand the available forces. The benefit here is that there’s not a lot to do – just need to find a working tube of superglue!

So, today was a day spent at home, first in ages – and I’m thinking that I may well do the same tomorrow. Why rush back, there’s little there that can be said to be urgent, and it’s not like my performance appraisal will be affected. So a relaxed return before the long weekend, get the mind straight, use the time to sort out other more important matters, like family issues, and there’s always the last two days of this short working week.

There, I’ve convinced myself.



Author: taggb

UK-based, gaming and writing, and generally aiming to get back to being more creative.

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