Standby – 4-day weekend ahead

Excellent. Plenty of time for getting back into various ideas. And no travel required to any campsites or castles.

Ogre – both the boardgame and the miniature version, the former first for sorting out storage and counter trays, setting up some trial combat games with the S&TO counters, taking some pix, writing up notes, etc., and then the latter to recover the stored WIP trays of unpainted and primed armoured hardware collected from years back, to increase the current collection of suitable Ogre Miniatures bits & bobs. It’s also why I’ve been visiting Kallistra to check out any new developments of the Hexon range. They are my hex-tiles of choice for playing the in-betweeny hybrid version of Ogre/Ogre Miniatures.

Therefore DR (Dragon Rampant) squidges nicely between these two. I have the figures set to one side for some attention, so that I can increase the available forces to make Warbands from. I also know I have a lot of stashed 28mm plastic sprues, from Mongols & Arabs to Fantasy stuff. In amongst all that are some Vikings – maybe it’s because I’ve been watching them on the tellybox, either ‘Vikings‘ or ‘Last Kingdom‘, but I find both suitably inspiring to look at them as a first make-&-paint project for ‘DR‘ too.

And besides which, the game table in the DoMA remains set-up for DR from the Brew-Up weekend and it seems a shame to waste all that effort. So my idea is to set up some contests to play thru some of the rules aspects, and included in that are the Spells too.

Reminder to self: take some pix, use them for write-ups.

Additional reminder to self: charge up the battery pack on the DMC-G10.

Finally, at some point I also need to configure my own medieval armour protection. That will involve donning the padded jacks/arming coats, fitting on the plate metal fancies, and configuring where the tie-points need to be made. It’s an interesting exercise actually: as it then allows you to appreciate how different the seventeenth century armour was. More mass-produced, but manufactured in such a way, that there’s a lot less time required for pre-combat preparation, and a lot less assistance required in donning it. Not so the medieval stuff. To have it work to best possible performance, you need to take that time setting it up ‘just-so’ – and you need another pair of hands to help you do it.

So here’s to a more productive weekend than the last one.



Author: taggb

UK-based, gaming and writing, and generally aiming to get back to being more creative.

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