Dragon Rampant. Straightforward goodness. And fun.

Dabbling with DR gets better and better. Things have been speedier with a useful spreadsheet, that helps crash out some Warbands with various options. That spreadsheet needs refining and amending, but it’s quite handy just as it is.

The to-and-fro game-play works nicely as well. First time we played this, we did get it wrong. It’s useful to remember that unlike other games with an interruption with lost initiative, when you regain it again, you can start all over again – there’s no need to remember what was activated last turn. That provides some interesting options and some clever ‘forced’ play as well. A good unit progresses well across the battlefield going at the enemy? It is likely that you will keep favouring them to get activated and get stuck in, and meanwhile other less enthusiastic units just sit and watch and sulk. I like it, I like what that provides in a random unprofessional manner where an army full of ‘cheap’ units can easily stutter and stall with a lot of misbehaving.

I like these rules.


Author: taggb

UK-based, gaming and writing, and generally aiming to get back to being more creative.

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