Down south

This weekend will be spent mainly in the car, first heading south, so that we can check up on my mother, post-hip replacement op, to ensure all is healing/recovering to plan. It’s only fair, one of my sisters has been carrying most of the care work, so although we can only do a single over-nighter, hopefully that gets her a break so she can relax.

So then once we’ve provided a turn looking after the old dear, listened to her stories, and persuaded her to eat, it’s a trundle back north and home. Just in time for the start of a new working week. But, as I said, it maybe a lot of miles and plenty of hours travelling but the cause is worth it.

Ironic timing. Two months further on into 2017, and I would have had all the spare time I’d need to head down and stay longer.



Author: taggb

UK-based, gaming and writing, and generally aiming to get back to being more creative.

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