Old dog, new tricks, some surprises

So today in work, it was pre-building closure staff support stuff – this time ‘Job Interview Skills‘. It’s fair to say that some of my office colleagues do need this insight. Many have only ever known ‘civil-circus’ stuff, and it’s been their job for life. Or at least it was meant to be.

I know a few have been really worried. That’s bound to be the case – they even joke themselves that they have been ‘institutionalized’! It’s a daunting change, an uncomfortable challenge. I’ve tried where I can to encourage, to tell them that much of what they do is ‘transferable’. They would be assets to anyone seeking good, solid, stable achievers who can govern the detail, keep things on even keels. Therefore, it was worthwhile to support this, and to even put myself forward to join in, make up participant numbers perhaps, but more importantly to show that I would be prepared to join in too after all the prompting and cajoling I’ve done.

And it was – I believe – well worth the time and effort. It’s good to see someone’s eyes light up when they connect with an idea that they can see they can apply to their own circumstances. Hints and tips I called it, when I was asked in the usual ‘Creeping Death Intro Phase‘ on what I was looking to get from the course – and I can honestly say I did come away with a few ideas on some things I need to do. That makes it all the more important – provides a prod to focus myself on finalising a few outstanding items.

And that includes getting my pension money out of the coffers of those who would piss it up the wall. Good reminder – email sent – forms completed – date requested.

I’ve run the calculations in the spreadsheets, and I know what I will sacrifice long-term in order to gain more money in the short-term. But put really simply – I want those funds now, so I can use them now, while I’m still able too. That’s my call, I’m happy with it, as is My Beloved. So here’s hoping the pension providers understand.

I’ve also amended my LinkedIn profile to outline where I’m at – now ‘available for future options’. And I’ve already had several interesting emails and messages with 48 hours of making that change. Surprising really. Some folks out there generally interested and recognise I might be able to bring them something useful.

What a refreshing change from the usual ‘being ignored‘ you always get, if you’re not prepared to play the sucking-up sycophancy stuff. Actual real appreciation. How refreshingly nice. We shall see what that can potentially deliver in due course.


Author: taggb

UK-based, gaming and writing, and generally aiming to get back to being more creative.

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