Plans for this weekend

So a weekend at home, and potentially a Saturday at home, but what gaming to do with it? I want to really set-up some ‘Ogre’ stuff, in order to showcase some of the counters from the S&TO countersheet. Select some of the Facilities counters, put them in a mini-scenario, add some attacking and defending units around them, and then show how those Facilities interact with the game.

The POL Stores are a must. Rigged to detonate these act as super landmines. So it will be important to show how they disrupt or even destroy units caught up in the radius of the blast. I have a plan on how to demonstrate that, using the units, coloured sticks and the dice on the mapboard. It should be able to show at a glance how players resolve those explosion attacks.

POL Stores 01 & 02

And I think I’ll also lay out some of the special admin facilities too, so folks can see that the domes, bases and even the ancient castle can serve as alternate Command Points.

Castle on the riverside

Then at some point it would be good to show the GEV-MCPs in action too.

Mercenary GEV-MCPs 'Uriel' and 'Gabriel'

There’s a growing surge of interest on what our S&TO sheet can provide, and a few have been sold lately to new customers, fans of the Ogre game. I need to support that, encourage others to order a sheet for themselves, and so these staged expositions of the Facilities and Vehicle counters should help on that.

Plus it’s always fun to just play thru some Ogre combats and turns anyway.

One good development is that SJGames also want to sort the format of the Info Sheet so that it matches the other products that they have produced. And inline with the ambition all along – that the Info Sheet for the S&TO countersheet is freely available for downloads and sharing – they are happy to host it on SJGames website as an Ogre resource too.

It’s the nudge that’s needed to increase the distribution of our sheets. And it will be good to raise the awareness and increase the footprint of Tiffin Games.

Port-Attack 01


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