A Mish-Mash of Days

Work day was a tad peculiar. I did the handover training last week to three new young lads who actually really impressed me. They did well to get a decent grasp of the work I’ve done for the past ten years in the five hours we had. Then today I learnt that they aren’t my successors, some other staff will be instead. Whom obviously now need handover training. It sort of epitomizes in one incident the entire confused mess my workplace has become these past few years. So so glad I get to put it all behind me soon.

And if they want me to head down south, to do all that work again, they can pay for it.

This coming weekend will be spent at home. Initially I had planned a one-day jaunt to catch up with the guys to discuss the coming Pinkie event in September. But I have a bit too much on, things to sort, and I need a few days away from ‘politics’. I respect people’s opinions, but right now, I can do without the endless churn of emotive tosh and repeated tosh. I know I just won’t have the patience to prevent myself from over-reacting to some daft comment. To manage the risk, remove the opportunity.

So now I’m left with three days and a need to plan what to do with them. Or should I? I think I might keep it spontaneous, just ensure a few necessary tasks are sorted first, then see where the mood and preference takes me. Perhaps that’s actually what I need, less structure and predefined purpose – to get out of ‘work-mode’ when at home. Let’s see what happens then.

I’ll end on a reflective note. The atrocity in Manchester at the start of this week seems to have affected me more than I first realised. Specifically, to see the tragic outcome for the two young lasses from Barra. I don’t know why – I’ve dealt with death and destruction before – but this one situation has left a deep impression upon me. With one dead and the other seriously injured, truly innocent victims, I feel some sort of need to do something about it, something positive and long-lasting. I’m not sure what yet. I have ideas, but I need to see what’s actually achievable, and practical, and to get input from like-minded friends who will need to tell me if I’m right or wrong. We shall see what happens with this as well.

“Hold fast, young lassie, your dreams and music live on with your spirit for us all.”



Author: taggb

UK-based, gaming and writing, and generally aiming to get back to being more creative.

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