KS – don’t do it, don’t – oh OK then

After a few weeks of observing and thinking and re-thinking, I finally pressed the commit button and pledged on a KS project. Exactly not doing what I said I would never do again. I am so weak.

To be honest, I watched the communication and interaction, and it was good – it was way better than most of what I’ve been involved with. Most of the work is already done behind-the-scenes too, the crowdfunding is to get the production sorted. Add-Ons are relevant and affordable, although I’ve not got much there to worry about. And rarely for a US-based project, shipping to UK and EU is already factored in, and won’t be an afterthought. And I watched the stretch goals too, and they were sensible, realistic, well thought-out and above all else, achievable. So I decided to go for it.

I am quietly confident that this one will be OK, indeed, the project creator answered my question on delivery, and I like what I read.

We shall see. But it looks to be a sensible one.



Author: taggb

UK-based, gaming and writing, and generally aiming to get back to being more creative.

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