Quills indeed

After a bit of thought on the matter, I’ve considered that now that the home-front is more settled and quiet, I should get back into my writing.

There’s a lot in notes and in my head that I should start to work on. Some of it is relatively easy – like drafting some professional stuff in relation to international trade to drop onto my LinkedIn profile. In addition to the old work items, I could also easily do at least two items on re-enactment from my own observations from 35+ years of being involved in it. There are also ideas on other matters, such as some of the gaming themes I’ve been exploring. This ties in nicely with the fact that I can now get on with games company stuff without fear of my previous employers creating intellectual copyright ownership problems. And finally, there’s some short story/fiction ideas rolling around in my head that I have already started notes on too.

I now have the hours, and the peace and quiet, to churn some stuff out. And when I feel lethargic for doing this, I can easily flip to the gaming stuff I’ve mentioned, like the various projects I have in mind. But the writing will be good for me – and should stretch the mind a little to ensure I don’t become too stagnant or complacent.

All of this needs to be tempered with the realisation that it is early days too. That other career has only just ended. I don’t necessarily need to leap in and make things too busy for myself. As I have been told, by My Beloved and others, I should take time for myself, and relax and unwind. Maybe a DVD marathon – maybe start reading a few books I promised to immerse myself in.

We shall see. But writing will be involved at some point.



Author: taggb

UK-based, gaming and writing, and generally aiming to get back to being more creative.

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