Prep for Brew-Up next weekend

There’s a lot of stuff that needs sorting, shifting and storing. And I need to put plans in place to sort the house so I can properly play host to the chaps, for the first ever Brew-Up-On-The-Wall. I’d promised this for a while now, but last year was just too involved to win the money and free time to get it all sorted. I managed to achieve a few further improvements over the Autumn and Winter, so we’re now in a better position to sort this.

And even if it’s just the usual stalwarts that’s no problem. It’s good to get active again for some proper games weekend planning.

But I still have a lot to move about and tidy away. And that’s meant I’ve also discovered yet more stuff from the house-move that has me wondering ‘do I really need this?’

An example would be the Supremacy boardgame stuff I have. I don’t use it, I don’t actually like the game enough to invest the time to ‘fix’ it, so with the main game, the handbook and the extras I have I should just get on and trade or sell it.  There’s a few other items too that could also be disposed of, if for nothing else to make space and funds available for the projects I do want to get on with.

So there’s a ladder with my name on it I need to clamber up. One way of getting ‘battle-fit’ I guess.


Hairspray – who knew?

Never having used the stuff in my life, who knew it would do a great job in ensuring my cheapo Chinese trees stopped shedding their flock. And it’s also a great sealant on MDF thin sheets for the laser-cut buildings too, so I can get on with painting those up at some point.

And I’ll soon have the free time available to do all that.


Going medieval in Leominster

Had a great time at a one-day event at the Leominster priory, being medieval again.

Things that I have learnt/discovered:

  • I am unfit after a winter of doing not a lot
  • I am overweight, see above
  • I really need to sort out my arming jack to properly fix my armour to it
  • I need a better sallet and bevor
  • I need to invest in a polearm
  • I need to get on with longbow training
  • I still need more soft-kit

But other than that, it was a quite special event. Sitting in the priory later in the evening, as our hosts fed us a banquet, with the sounds of medieval instruments, gazing up at the high walls and ceilings to take in the decor, and chatting with good people, you begin to really appreciate how important days and nights like this are to the well-being of oneself. I need to do more of it this year. And I need to get back to planning stuff too, like the two Scottish events this year – Thirlestane and Pinkie.

Effort and time applied can only reward you all the more later.


Workstuff – beginning of the end?

So today I officially replied back to HR with the official return document, using the officially requested text to be quoted in the body of the email, to officially accept the redundancy offer. I thought it best to do this before the weekend, and before the actual deadline of next Tuesday, just in case I have too much fun while I’m away.

I have triple-checked all the facts and calculations. I believe I have it all correct. I have sounded out others, not least of which has been My Beloved, and all is as I thought it to be.

So, if all goes to procedure, as it should, I will have notification returned to me next week.

The twenty-plus years of my current career will wind down over the next three months to an inevitable end. And I cannot honestly say I’m that sad or sorry to see that happen.

Of parcels and things sent overseas

I used to defend certain parcel couriers here in the UK against the naysayers and critics. And I’ve also never really been a fan of ParcelFarce anyway. But the ongoing trials and tribulations in trying to sort out parcels sent out at Christmas have niggled me to the point of real irritation.

Frankly, the service from these UK companies to deliver internationally has been shyte. Utterly shyte. And if that is what we have to rely upon for UK trade in the future, then to be honest, we might as well give it all up now and invite anyone in to run this country.

Maybe a tad harsh, but for a country that built it’s presence in the world on trade, we really are in a sorry state.

Classic Warlord – my own variant rules

I posted this up a while back on BGG as a downloadable file. It was meant as a collation of various variant rules, some slightly retro to take the game back to some of the GW Apocalypse ideas, some just new suggestions from the initial game-plays of Classic Warlord.

Anyway, I shared it there and it’s been downloaded a few times, so happy to post it up here too.

Classic Warlord on BGG

CW Variant Ideas



A long week back at work

And I’m so glad that the weekend is almost upon us.

It’s been tolerable from the memories of Prague last week, still buzzing from the good times spent there. We managed to pack so much into such a tight timeframe, that I’m still recalling episodes and surprising myself on just how much we got up too. And added to that was the pleasure in sharing knowledge of my own earlier experiences and discoveries to friends who went with us. I think that’s encouraged them to go again in the future. I’ve had an invite to go back later this year – to an event at Bila Hora – but alas, it clashes with existing commitments. But maybe next year, if the invitation remains open.

It was odd that while I was out there, my work contacted me with the anticipated ‘redundancy info’. Thankfully there were no dreadful howling mistakes – much of it was what I was expecting. Quelle surprise.

So in addition to catching up on last week’s work intake, I’ve had that to scrutinise all that as well, including pensions. Why is such a simple concept made so complex and confusing. Still, I’m learning plenty and fast too. Added to that is the current work too, the usual trials and tribulations that come with any major procedural change, trying to explain impact assessment and risk to those in charge who should  – but don’t – have some appreciation on those necessary actions. With a finite amount of time remaining, double-handling and triple-handling the same work does get a tad exasperating.

I am lucky however. I can see away out of the vile gloomy fog of Limbo that we’ve all been trapped in for the past 15 months. And from what I’ve briefly glimpsed up ahead, there’s wide open horizons, bright blue skies and sunshine, and bundles of common sense.