Dry weekend – wet Monday

So the gaming plans didn’t quite work out. Plus side, we did get to an antiques shop for a good peruse, acquiring a not-very-old backgammon game still in shrinkwrap, and then to Barter Books in Alnwick (pronounced “An-Ick”) and there purchased some books on Renaissance Italy and Napoleonic-era Naval stuff.

That last acquisition (well, three books acquired actually) made me re-think again on rolling out ‘Fighting Sail‘ rules from Osprey. Aye – more Osprey rules. What can I say – they happen to be pitching rules at me that I want to play, with the minimum amount of fuss and angst. (I earned this ‘free-time’ with DB? and learning Barkernese!)


Thing is, I have a lot of ‘SoG (Sails of Glory)‘ stuff, probably too much if truth be told. While I like that game for a ragwagon duel, I’m still not convinced SoG delivers for squadron and fleet actions. It just doesn’t flow in the game-play as well as it could, so it stays on the shelf for a repeat unboxing, usually just after I’ve watched ‘Master & Commander’ for the umpteenth time. ‘FS‘ is almost the opposite, perhaps too light on the detail and the subtle nuances of wind-&-sail combat. But – with a few house rule fixes, it does bring about a nice little example of what you can do with a bundle of SoG model ships.


Therefore, with quite minimal set-up time, I may well indulge at some point in the weeks and months ahead, in some sport on the high seas, playing the part of Howe or Jervis, running down some Frenchie-Begone Privateer. I may need to re-stock the rum ration too.

Anyway – have a look here for yourself on BGG to see what I’m on about: Fighting Sail

Aah and it was also the Wedding Anniversary with My Beloved too. And of course I didn’t forget. I just momentarily placed Ogre stuff at a higher point on the weekend priority listing. Easily sorted and rectified.